How to select meaningful gifts for kids


3-minute read

Ever noticed how different kids and parents are in toy shops? Kids are excited and hyperactive while parents are overwhelmed and confused. When did choosing gifts for kids get so complicated? Whatever happened to the days of dolls, cars, and if you were really lucky, dolls in cars? Well, they’re long gone, but your sanity doesn’t have to be.

Here’s our handy guide to select the best gifts for kids, whatever your budget. You’re welcome.

1) Think long-term: Don’t be swayed by the latest craze, because kids are quick to discard toys and games. Instead, buy educational games that build essential skills in a fun, interactive way or help kids develop a hobby.

2) Opt for experiences: Perhaps the best gifts for kids aren’t held but experienced. Instead of something that will soon be sucked into that black hole called the ‘toy box’, try taking your child for a drama workshop or to a day at the water park.

3) Think of values: What beliefs and habits would you like your child to imbibe? Unisex gifts, for example, promote gender equality. Multi-disciplinary puzzles encourage problem-solving, while artistic activities foster creativity. The best gifts develop character.

4) Gift them the ability to give: Kindness and empathy develop at a very early age, so why not take your kid to visit your favourite charity or neighbourhood shelter?

5) Blend learning and playing: From 2.5 years onwards, kids start learning language, followed by other skills. So, it’s a good idea to introduce fun educational games that teach and entertain kids at the same time.

6) Gift them your time: Trust us, there’s nothing your child will treasure more, because it makes her feel special and secure. If you’d like to bond with your child and help her learn at the same time, check out our educational games, which have been specially created for affectionate teaching.

As parents, you already know what’s best for your child, so look for gifts that embody that wisdom.
Because Rule #7, which is the most important, is to trust your instinct.