Here’s why colouring games are great for kids and parents!


5-minute read

We’re big fans of the idea that kids learn better when it’s with someone they love. Science has proven it, but hey, as parents, you probably don’t need scientific proof; it’s something you experience every time you sit down to help your child learn sounds, numbers, and how to make sense of the world.

That’s why we make educational games that both kids and parents will love spending time on. A nice example is the PicassoPhonics colouring puzzle, which helps teach kids phonic sounds using lots of little surprises. But to say that it only develops phonics skills is to miss the bigger picture (we love our puns at Cuweeosity…sorry)! Colouring has loads and loads of other benefits.


1) They ignite creativity and self-expression: Using colours, recognising patterns, and balancing aesthetics all fire up a child’s imagination.

2) They improve motor skills: Holding crayons and applying them to paper engage and sharpen fine motor skills.

3) They increase hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness: In the process of colouring a restricted area, kids develop better focus, coordination, and awareness of structure.

4) They boost confidence: The triumphant look on a child’s face upon finishing a task is unmissable. Successfully solving a colouring game or puzzle builds self-esteem.

5) They help balance emotions: Kids are often restless and anxious, and colouring games help them focus not just their attention, but their emotions as well.

Parents have been writing in to tell us how much they enjoy it too, and we’re not surprised. Here’s why:


1) They calm you: Psychologist Carl Jung believed colouring is a meditative experience and prescribed it to help his clients relax.

2) They help you focus: With all this multitasking, our thoughts are stretched to a dozen different places. The structure of a colouring puzzle helps us concentrate.

3) They’re happiness triggers: We loved to colour as children, so when we’re holding crayons, we’re reminded of the simplicity and joy of our school days.

4) They make you smarter: Colouring games activate the problem-solving areas of your brain and improve brain function.

5) They make you more mindful: The more you focus on the colouring game, the more aware you become of the present.

Oh, and did we mention that our colouring games for kids (even the grown-up, office-going ones) are loads of fun? So, go ahead and experience all these benefits by clicking here.