Accelerated learning comes from sharper tools

At Cuweeosity, we passionately believe that if the tools are sharper children not only learn better but also achieve key learning milestones faster. And become ready for the next level of learning quicker. Indeed, you would be pleasantly surprised that your child is next level ready; already!

A child who is motivated to learn, enjoys practicing his or her work and is given plenty of opportunities to learn from others can achieve astonishing learning outcomes. And we design our games and aids to deliver on these very principles. Sharp tools indeed!

Motivation: A child who isn’t motivated to learn, often ends up doing just the bare minimum amount of work required in the classroom. Our games leverage the child’s natural drive to win, and motivates him to learn much beyond ‘just enough’.

Effective Practice – Practice makes perfect, but traditional tools like flash cards and worksheets eventually become ineffective as they tend to be tedious and boring. Our exciting games keep tedium far away, and effectively impart the much-needed practice each time the child plays them

Learning from others – With our multi-player games, everyone learns from everyone else. While playing with other children, a child picks up new things from them, and in turn, passes on his skills and knowledge to his friends. Everyone wins!